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Great food is worth bringing to life

For us, it’s all about finding the balance between cost-effective, high-quality products and sustainable initiatives. The food and beverage industry is working at top-speed to reach this goal, and we want to help you lead the way.  That’s why we partner with driven, future looking companies to provide mindful and forward-thinking end to end food solutions.

What this really means is we provide product development,  supply chain, R&D, and sustainability solutions for food companies that want to lead their industry.

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Why these Positive People Came Together

We know what it’s like to want to do good, but get stuck actually bringing your ideas to life. Whether it’s lack of knowledge, resources or time constraints, getting stuck bringing good things to life is something that happens throughout the food industry.

But not anymore! We’re committed to being partners in bringing great ideas to life in a timely and cost efficient way so you can drive your business forward.

Our team of food experts and sustainability experts are no newbies to the landscape you’re in. Our team has developed dozens of products from idea to commercialization and loved every minute of it. We’re also committed to integrating sustainable food solutions into everything we do and sharing with you easy to implement ways you can be a leader in the sustainability industry, without sacrificing product quality or cost

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Good products that reduce waste are products worth getting excited about

To us, sustainability and product development go hand in hand, and always have. But after working for over a decade in the food and beverage industry, we were still finding that green initiatives came as an after-thought for companies. . That’s what we are here to change. We’re committed to great food and a healthy planet - not to mention having fun on our way to get there.

Because we know the ins and outs of the challenges you’re facing, we also know how to tackle them head on. That’s why partnering with Positive Food Solutions is as easy as apple pie. Great products, at a reasonable price that are good for the planet is what we do best.   

Good ideas, just like good food, should never go to waste.

How We Help

We’re committed to a positive food future and look forward to helping your company be a big part of it.  That’s what we’re all about at Positive Food Solutions. We are the end to end service provider for food and beverage companies that want to:

• Have innovative products brought to life in a timely and cost effective manner

• Save money in operations, food waste and inefficient supply chain operations

• Have sustainability integrated into operations and products and use this as a way to save costs and drive sales

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