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    Good Food For Good People

    We're committed to supporting great tasting food solutions to people in need all across the globe.

Making a Difference

We're partnering with local and global governments to provide complete, great tasting meals in regionally recognized flavours for those in need. 

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How Does Daily Rations Work?

Right now, when emergency food is needed overseas, Western meals with a focus on function over flavour are sent to help those in need. At Positive Food Solutions, we want people to enjoy familiar and functional meals, even when it's an emergency. 

When we know that food brings people comfort, we couldn't think of a better time to make sure people received a familiar meal than when in crisis. Offering people a meal that provides the nutrition and comfort they need is something we are proud to make possible. 

If you're looking for overseas food ration donations your company or government can feel good about, contact us.  

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