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    Reduce your food loss + waste with the Edison award winning Food Freshness Card

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One third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally. This amounts to over 1.3 billion lbs of wasted food and frankly, we know no one feels good about that.

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The Edison Award™ Winning Food Freshness Card™

• 6" x 12" and covers a 6 feet radius

• Uses a low frequency electromagnetic field to keep food fresh for longer

• Saves you money on food loss + waste

• Moves your company forward with your sustainability efforts, by reducing your overall waste

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The Positive Food Solutions mission is to align business efforts for people, planet and profits - to do good things with great people. Food waste is a major challenge to all food related companies.  Not only does this impact the planet, it impacts your bottom line. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Edison Award™-winning Food Freshness Card™.

By making use of natural, low frequencies that create an electromagnetic field around your produce, the Food Freshness Card™ targets mold and bacteria that cause food to spoil.

Placed within 6 feet of perishables, the Food Freshness Card™ will slow down the mold and bacteria growth rate, and keep the food fresh for longer.

In independent laboratory testing, conducted by MTS Global, food using a  Food Freshness Card ™ lasted up to 50% longer than food without the card. 

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Award Winning

The award winning Food Freshness Card™ lets you save on your company footprint and food spoilage.

From farm to fork, the Food Freshness Card™ naturally extends shelf life in storage, transportation, supermarkets, restaurants and the home.

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