Food Freshness Cards

Did You Know?

One third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally. This amounts to over 1.3 billion lbs of wasted food and frankly, we know no one feels good about that.

In independent laboratory testing, conducted by MTS Global, food using a  Food Freshness Card ™ lasted up to 50% longer than food without the card. 

By making use of natural, low frequencies that create an electromagnetic field around your produce, the Food Freshness Card™ targets mold and bacteria that cause food to spoil.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
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2019 Edison Award Winner

The award winning Food Freshness Card™ lets you save on your company footprint and food spoilage.

From farm to fork, the Food Freshness Card™ naturally extends shelf life in storage, transportation, supermarkets, restaurants and the home.


Food Waste Prevention

  • Prevents mold & bacteria growth on foods inside your home
  • Can increase shelf life up to 50%  for many fruits, vegetables and breads
  • Let’s you stop wasting food and start saving money

 Graph showing results of Food Freshness Cards on fruits and vegetables


See how the Food Freshness Card Can Help You Reduce Food Waste

Food Freshness Card

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Food Freshness Card

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